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A car accident is a harrowing and overwhelming experience, and it doesn't...

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Our mission is to provide you with exceptional and friendly customer service....

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Customer Service Based Lawyers - Our Mission is to provide you with exceptional, focused, and collaborative customer service!

Our mission is to provide you with exceptional and friendly customer service.  We differentiate ourselves based on our helpful and client-focused "bedside" manner.  We believe that the best outcome is the result of a collaborative process between client and counselor.  From the moment you speak with one of my friendly and helpful staff, your mind will be put to ease.  You've taken the first step to help yourself, by reaching out to us...  Now the anxiety, worry, or overwhelm can start to subside or "ease" and allow your mind to focus on other priorities.  Let us get to work and what we do best so you can continue your busy day-to-day, goal-driven life.

The Lawyers at Compton Law Firm located in Hinton and Yukon Oklahoma are passionate about the law and helping our clients navigate through the most difficult times of life.  Catastrophic personal injuries, automobile accidents, divorce and family law, criminal defense law, probate, and trust and estate planning are normally those experiences that define a person's life - make sure you partner with a proven law firm that cares about you.  Looking for more information about your legal issue? Click on one of the following links: Frequently Asked Legal Questions, Articles, Free E-Books, Videos, and Testimonials.

Our team of lawyers are experienced, customer service oriented, and committed to putting in the long hours needed.  We work very hard at what we do and that's why Mr. Compton has been given the highest possible ratings a trial lawyer can receive by anonymous surveys from his clients, peers, and judges.

The content of this site is primarily intended to help educate you about the legal issues you may be facing.  Browse our site to find helpful information written by lawyers and attorneys about specific legal issues, cases we've handled, results we've won, and testimonials from our clients.  Other than our blog and frequent legal questions, there are several books and reports available for you to download.

We hope the information helps answer some of your questions and alleviates some of your stress and anxiety. 


When you have suffered a traumatic event, you are probably not thinking about filing a lawsuit. You just want to get through the pain, heal from your wounds, and move on with your life—all of which will take an incredible amount of time, energy, and money. 

As the weeks go by, the stress you are enduring gets worse. You can’t return to work, you can’t pay your medical bills, and you may be caring for someone who is still injured—and without a payout from your insurance company, you have little hope of ever getting back in control of your life. The only way out of your situation is to find someone can fight on your behalf…someone who is willing to go the distance to get what you are owed.

Learn More About Our Specific Practice Areas Below:

Below, you will find more information about the practice areas of our lawyers.  You can also navigate this site and click on the individual practice area pages.

  • Divorce & Child Custody "Family Law." Most of the attorneys and staff here are parents and we know how important it is for family stability during a divorce or child custody change.  We know how important it is for you not to lose your kids.  We know how important it is for you to have a fair dissolution and fair accounting and division of all the assets and debts of the marriage.  Your case, family, and concerns are at the top of our, and my, mind - we deeply care about you outcome...sometime's our problem is that we care more about our client's case than they do.  Your life is stressful and demanding enough, let us help you through this process while we protect your interests.
  • Auto Accidents. Many people try to avoid legal battles after a car accident, but realize they are at a disadvantage when they speak to an insurance adjuster. From the moment your accident occurred, you entered into a battle with the insurance company—and the adjusters know all the ways to deny you the payment you deserve. Our attorneys can get you the compensation you need after a car accident, pedestrian accident or DUI crash in Oklahoma, including the funds you need to pay your medical bills and expenses for time off work.
  • Truck Accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck wreck, it is vital to have the incident investigated as soon as possible. Trucking companies will work fast to protect their own interests, and you will need a trial law firm with experience in complex litigation. We know how to confront companies and owners who are at fault for Oklahoma oil and gas truck accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, dump truck crashes, commercial truck crashes, municipal vehicle accidents, as well as collisions with UPS, FedEx, and other delivery vehicles.
  • Injuries to Children. There is no greater suffering for a parent than when his or her child is injured. No matter how much parents try to protect their children from danger, kids are at constant risk of harm by others, including bicycle accidents, being struck by cars, day care injuries, dog bites, and injuries and deaths due to pools and unsafe premises. When we fight for your child’s rights, we can identify the person responsible for your family’s suffering and get you compensation for any permanent injuries.
  • Wrongful Death. There is no amount of money that can restore the loss of a loved one. If someone you love has been killed due to a medication or hospital error, serious fall, nursing home abuse, birth injury, vehicle accident, malfunctioning product, or accident in the oil and gas industry, our attorneys will seek justice from the person or company responsible. Not only can we get you compensation for your past medical and funeral costs, we can ensure that the accident doesn't happen to someone else.
  • Estate Planning Wills and Trusts.  Our Estate planning services are based off Will or Trust based plans.  All plans include legal consultation and analysis to educate you on the available Estate Planning tools so that we may come up with the best plan for your decisions regarding your estate.  Will or Trust packages include the Will or Trust document, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Healthcare Directive. Learn more about Estate Planning

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