Oklahoma Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Oklahoma Drug Trafficking Lawyer

The trial lawyers at Compton Law are passionate about our craft.  Have you ever known someone who is not passionate about their work, they are just there for the paycheck?  They don't do a very good job nor get good results, do they?  You should choose wisely when hiring a criminal defense attorney - you deserve someone that is passionate about their craft and passionate about your rights and your future.  Schedule a free consultation today to learn for yourself just how passionate and relentless we are.

Aggressive Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers

After you have been charged in Oklahoma with a criminal offense you have some serious life-altering decisions to make.  You need a powerful, aggressive, and experienced trial law firm to fight for your rights.  Compton Law is an aggressive trial law firm that only takes a few select Criminal Law cases per year.  We don't look for quick plea-deal type cases.  Rather, we look for cases in which we can invest a significant amount of our trial team's time and resources.  Compton law is unique in that we take a team-based approach to your defense.  Our strategy sessions might consist of up to three lawyers and two legal secretaries.  When your life and future is on the line, you need - you deserve - this team-based approach.

We aggressively fight for the rights of our clients in criminal matters including: criminal investigations, plea negotiations, trials and appeals in state and federal courts throughout Oklahoma.

About Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug distribution or trafficking laws penalize the selling, transportation, and illegal import of unlawful controlled substances, such as pain pills, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and other illegal drugs. The punishment for drug trafficking can vary widely depending on several factors including the type and amount of drugs involved, the type of drugs, geographic area of distribution, and whether children were targeted. Sentences for drug distribution and trafficking are very harsh.

Drug trafficking/distribution is a felony, and the punishment for a prior offense is generally mandatory jail of 10 years to life.  If you are found in possession of a certain amount of drugs, you could be charged with trafficking if a certain amount. If you are found with a large number of drugs or cash at the time of your arrest, it is likely you will be facing drug distribution charges.

Drug distribution or trafficking also applies to the illegal distribution of prescription drugs, such as painkillers or sleeping pills. The illegal distribution of prescription drugs often involves hydrocodone, oxycodone, percocept products and pharmaceutical opiates.

Drug Trafficking & Controlled Substances

When a state or federal government classifies a substance as "controlled," it generally means that the use and distribution of the substance is governed by law. Controlled substances are often classified at different levels or "schedules" under federal and state statutes. For instance, marijuana is listed as a "Schedule I controlled substance," cocaine is listed under Schedule II, anabolic steroids under Schedule III.

Oklahoma State Drug Trafficking Charges

Historically Oklahoma has been one of the harshest states in the nation for penalizing and punishing drug crimes.  There is a multitude of drug laws on the books, lawmakers generally pass these laws to deter the major drug cartels, but more often it is the lower level dealers that get prosecuted. Indeed, the controversy around drug trafficking laws is that a petty drug dealer can often face a longer sentence than violent criminals.

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