What is a Bind Over Order in Oklahoma criminal proceedings?

What is a Bind-Over Order in Oklahoma?

If the judge presiding over the preliminary hearing finds the prosecution has met its burden, then the judge will issue a “bind over” order. The Defendant will then have to appear for District Court Arraignment in front of the District Judge assigned to his or her case.  It is important to note that the burden of proof for the prosecution here is probable cause, which is very very low.  Preliminary hearings almost always result in the defendant being bound over for trial – not a defendant’s case being dismissed.  Even if the case is dismissed, the prosecution will likely just go back to the drawing board, get more evidence, and re-file the case.  However, the Preliminary hearing is a unique opportunity for the defense to get a good look at the evidence and understand how the state’s witnesses might act and present to a jury.   

It is not uncommon for some Defendant’s to waive his or her Preliminary Hearing if best strategy dictates or if it would damage plea negotiations.

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