What happens at the initial criminal court appearance hearing?

What happens at the initial criminal court hearing?

After the individual is arrested, he or she is “booked” or processed into jail.  This usually occurs at the local police station or county sheriff’s office.  Many counties then have a set Bond Schedule wherein the defendant can go ahead and arrange for bail to be posted and released. 

However, depending on county and the criminal charges involved, the defendant can be held over for an initial appearance or “Bond Hearing” or “Arraignment” where the judge sets bail.   Certain counties, including Caddo county, do not have set bond schedules and the judge hears evidence, arguments, and sets bail.  

It is important to retain counsel prior to your bond hearing.  Many times counsel can reduce the bond or obtain an “OR” Own Recognizance bond which does not require a bail bondsman nor does it require putting up money or collateral.  Compton Law Firm attorneys have represented many criminal defendants at bond hearings, call 405-542-2529 to arrange representation.

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