I am not sure I want a divorce, what are my options?

“I am not sure I want a divorce, what are my options?”  The three different types of marriage dissolution in Oklahoma are divorce, annulment, and separation.  Divorce provides relief in several areas.  It provides for more than just the dissolution of a marriage.  It may also provide for child custody and child visitation, child support, property division, spousal support alimony, a name change, divorce attorney’s fees, and a restraining order.  In a divorce case, the petitioner must state the grounds for which the divorce should be granted.  There are many grounds for divorce in Oklahoma, including adultery. But, the most common grounds for divorce in Oklahoma is incompatibility.  Legally, this is defined as a conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of matrimony and the possibility of reconciliation.  In reality, this means neither party is at fault for the deterioration of the relationship.  The couple just cannot get along anymore, and the possibility of the couple renewing their marriage is highly unlikely.  If you need further information continue browsing this site for additional legal information about your Oklahoma Legal Issue or contact one of our Oklahoma Divorce Lawyers.

Keenan Haught
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