How will my Oklahoma property be divided in my divorce?

“How will my Oklahoma property be divided in my divorce?”  Property division in an Oklahoma divorce is determined by looking all the property both parties acquired before the marriage, during the marriage, and after the parties either filed or separated.  From there, the court will determine which property is separate and which property is marital.  Separate property is never subject to property division, unless the parties agree otherwise.  For example, if one party purchases a vehicle before the marriage  and the title to the vehicle has remained solely in that party’s name, then this would be considered separate property and would not be subject to property division.  Marital property, on the other hand, is split between the parties in a Oklahoma divorce.  Oklahoma Marital property is all the property that is acquired through the joint industry during the marriage, which basically means the property was acquired during the marriage with income earned by either party during the marriage. 

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