How is the money distributed when a child is injured?

Distributing Proceeds For Child Injuries.

The civil justice system seeks to compensate injured people for their losses. This is sometimes referred to the "make whole"€ rule, which means the negligent party should compensate the injured for all damages that would put them in the same place as if they had not been injured. Interestingly, this system is based on basic principles set forth in the Bible. Because much of this compensation will go towards payment of medical bills, lost wages, travel, transportation, medication expenses, physical therapy, rehabilitation, in-home care providers, and medical equipment, it will be distributed to other parties soon after the resolution, settlement, verdict. The child victim should also receive additional compensation for pain and suffering, future medical charges, and permanent damages.

In Oklahoma, if an injured child under the age of 18 receives over $1,000.00 (excluding actual payments to medical providers, cost, and fees) then that sum will be placed in a trust account that is overseen by the County Court. Parents would be allowed distributions from the recovery for their out of pocket expenses.

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