How does criminal bail posting process work and what is a "walk-through"?

Posting Bail in Oklahoma

There are multiple methods one may employ to post bail. If enough funds are readily available, a Defendant can simply post cash in the full amount. The reality of the situation though is that most people are not able to post cash bond.  Moreover, it is far better to utilize those cash resources to retain an attorney. The vast majority of criminal Defendants use bail bondsman. An Oklahoma bail bondsman will usually require that the Defendant post between 10% and 15% of the bail with the bail bondsman acting as a surety for the remaining amount. Many bail bond providers will also require collateral if the Defendant is not a resident of Oklahoma.  If the criminal defendant does not post bail then he/she will remain in custody pending the outcome of the criminal process.

If Compton Law criminal defense lawyers are retained prior the the bail process we contact a qualified bail bondsman early and coordinate the process to have you bonded out as soon as possible.  In some instances we are able to contact the Prosecuting attorney prior to arrest and coordinate a "walk-through" booking process to minimize the time spent in jail.

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