How are Oklahoma Criminal Plea Deals Negotiated?

How are Oklahoma Criminal Pleas Negotiated?

Unfortunately, there is no Constitutional right nor a statutory right to a plea agreement. However, the reality of the Oklahoma criminal process is that the vast majority of criminal cases MUST end in a plea bargain.  If every criminal case was taken to a jury the system would collapse.  Moreover, many criminal defendants simply cannot afford a trial. 

Regardless of guilt or innocence, there are many reasons why a plea agreement is made.  The old saying is true – it is not whether the defendant is guilty, it’s what can be proven at trial.    Plea negotiations are generally a hedge against the unknown.  Do you take what is known and on the table or do you place your future and freedom in the hands of a jury – many people elect to take the known.   In the majority of cases, very soon in the case a prosecuting attorney will make “recommendations” which are what he would offer to resolve the case for and recommend to the judge should the defendant plead guilty or no-contest.  

Compton Law Firm makes an effort to identify the initial recommendations early in the process and then we undertake a defense and investigation of the case.  When then utilize our defense strategies to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to reduce the recommendations or dismiss the charges.  During the process we communicate the prosecution's response to our clients so we can make an informed decision to either accept the plea deal or proceed on to trial.

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