How do I get my marriage annulled in Oklahoma?

“Can I just get my marriage annulled?”  Unlike divorce, annulment of marriage in Oklahoma is only available to void or voidable marriages.  How can a marriage be void or voidable? A void marriage is created when one party does not satisfy the constitutional requirements for a marriage.  The constitutional requirements are the following: the parties are over the age of majority (18), the parties are unmarried or it is not within the first 6 months after a divorce, and the parties are unrelated.  In effect, an annulment declares a marriage invalid, rather than dissolves it.  Therefore, it acts as if the marriage never existed.  Oddly enough, other than the declaration of invalidity, the relief available for an annulment is very similar to a divorce. If you need further information continue browsing this site for additional legal information about your Oklahoma Legal Issue or contact one of our Oklahoma Divorce Lawyers.

Keenan Haught
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