What can I do If I'm arrested for DUI?


The ramifications for a DUI conviction in Oklahoma are significant.  A DUI will significantly affect your job and career choices, your finances and bank account, your mental health and wellbeing, your ability to drive, and your family.  Our DUI defense lawyers are aggressive and meticulously pour over every single detail of the arrest and evidence.  We aren't the firm you hire for simple plea assistance, we are the firm you hire when you want to aggressively challenge the charges.

There are many factors and specific actions we review in each case; however, the two following groups are the most important:


Our Constitution protects against unreasonable searches and seizures by requiring law enforcement to have probable cause (that a crime is being committed)  before they can pull you over. This can include any crime such as left of center, tag light, speeding.  However, driving late at night in a particular area of town is not probable cause.

Once the office has probable cause to pull you over he cannot simply issue a breath test.  First, he must have a second probable cause requirement in suspecting that you are impaired.  After this he can begin his field sobriety test, breath test for blood alcohol, or blood test for alcohol.


The above two scenarios may sound simple but are filled with statutory and case law requirements that must be followed by law enforcement or your case may be dismissed.  Our firm begins the process by requesting the booking video, officer's dash cam video, breath test video, analyzing the Officer's affidavit, analyzing the actual traffic citation.  Simultaneously we will issue certain discovery questions to the law enforcement agency asking to review the breathalyzer and user's credentials, maintenance, training, and history.  You might be very surprised at the number of DUI cases in Oklahoma that are dismissed because of flaws and errors in the arrest and booking process.

At Compton Law, our job is to mount a powerful defense by understanding all the intricate details and facts surrounding your case, which also includes visiting the arrest location.  If you feel this is the level of DUI Defense you deserve, contact us today or call 405-542-2529 (542-CLAW).

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