Using Technology During Your Oklahoma Divorce and Custody Case



Are you in the middle of a divorce? Are your hours with your child being restricted by your soon-to-be former spouse? Does your ex keep changing the pickup dates and times? Does it seem like the two of you can't agree on anything?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are not alone. Trying to co-parent while in the midst of acrimonious and difficult divorce and custody proceedings can be incredibly difficult. Oklahoma family lawyers urge their clients to keep track of communications so that parents stay on track and can furnish the court with information and evidence on request. Unfortunately, "he said/she said conflicts often find both parties heading to court, asking for a judge to resolve the situation.

It is crucial to the best interests of the children that parents continue to co-parent effectively. Although many people try to keep up with the task through texts and emails, there are now divorce-specific apps which can make communicating much easier. Here are some of the best co-parenting apps available now.

OurFamilyWizard (OFW)

The most popular app is OFW, which facilitates messaging and offers a full-suite of tools to help parents make schedules, track expenses, make reimbursements, and post messages. One of the things that makes this app so popular is a feature called ToneMeter. ToneMeter addresses one of the more problematic things about communicating with an ex – that negative tone. Just like a spellchecker, the app will flag sentences, phrases and words that project confrontation and anger. The user can quickly edit the communications to tone it down. The app is not free. The basic subscription fee is $99 per year, per parent.


Kidganizer is at the other end of the spectrum. It is designed for people who have trouble talking face to face, or who have time constraints. It is also helpful for parents who involve other caregivers in the parenting decisions as well, like grandparents, nannies, or babysitters. Kidganizer provides a central location where everyone can communicate, make schedules and add notes about each child. Updates happen in real-time, so that everyone gets the same information immediately. Kidganizer is just $1.99 per download.

Talking Parents

Talking Parents is a free service. It is mostly designed around a secure messaging system. This is the app for parents who fear that their written communications will be edited, deleted or altered. The system ensures that no messages can be edited or deleted, which means both parents will have the same verified records of their communications. The system also logs the time and dates of each message as well as when a person logs in and out of the system. For an extra level of security, Talking Parents shows when a person first views a message, not just when they respond to it. The system also allows parents to export transcripts for conversations for a small fee. Although the service is free, it does contain ads. For $4.99 a month, parents can eliminate ads.

Another option is the web-based app Its purpose is to facilitate custody and spending between parents. It has a calendar system that lets both parents schedule and track visitation up to two years in advance. Finances can be tracked through the app, which then generates custom reports showing child support payments, expenses and visitation. The reports are also easy to export to third-parties, like lawyers. A subscription to the website costs $47 a year.

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