How much does a personal injury lawyer cost?

Compton Law's Personal Injury Division handles almost all injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis.  Most people wonder how they can afford an attorney to help with their personal injury case, auto accident case, or slip and fall case.  When people have suffered these types of losses and have significant medical bills, lost wages, and other out of pocket expenses the last thing they can afford is paying an attorney's retainer fee.

A contingency fee basis means that our clients do not pay anything up-front and do not pay us an hourly fee.  In fact, the very essence of a contingency fee means that the client will actually never pay the attorney.  Rather, the attorney will receive a portion or percentage of the settlement or verdict when the case is resolved.  Moreover, we fund and invest in each case by fronting the necessary cost and expenses. (which could be very significant).   Finally, in the event we do not recover anything for the client the client owes us nothing.

Compton Law has handled countless auto accidents and personal injury cases.  The majority of cases result in settlement, but Compton Law's team has recent jury trial experience and knows how to learn and tell your story so that you are compensated for your specific harms an losses. 

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