You must request a hearing with DPS within 15 days to stop automatic license revocation after Oklahoma DUI arrest.



Once you have been arrested for DUI in Oklahoma you will receive a drivers license revocation form.  If you gave a breath test, this is the form that shows your breath blood alcohol amount.  Under certain circumstances, your license is automatically revoked.  However, You have fifteen (15) days from the date of that letter to submit a request for hearing to the Department of Public Service.  If you do not request the hearing then your license will be automatically revoked for driving under the influence in Oklahoma.

There are many issues, nuances, and laws that help to protect you and if those laws and procedures were not followed by law enforcement then you may have grounds to challenge the revocation.  Was this an Oklahoma DUI stop? Were proper field sobriety test given? Was there probable cause for the stop? Who administered the breath test and what type of machine was utilized for the breath test are just a few.

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