Compton Law's Controversial 4th of July Position Statement

Top 4 for the 4th!

1: We are living in the greatest time in American History.  Regardless of which political party is in control, life in America is constantly improving and we are now the greatest country in world history.

2: Our form of government, along with our criminal and civil justice system, provides the highest level of freedom, democracy, and constitutional due process.  Ordinary citizens have influence through speech, voting, and hiring private attorneys to champion their rights.

3: Our citizens, both born here and immigrating here, are the most altruistic people.  Our way of life was founded upon brave men and women altruistically sacrificing much to protect our freedom, safety, way of life, and civil rights.  Freedom and our way of life did not come about without a heavy price.  We thank God for those people who paved the way.

4: We are genuinely good people who still know empathy and civility.  Regardless of what is spread on television, the majority of people living in America are deeply rooted in empathy.  We have the ability to and the large majority do exercise the capacity to understand, be aware of, and respect the thoughts, feelings, background, and differences of others without prejudice.

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