What Oklahoma Victims Need to Know Before Filing a Medical Malpractice Suit

Oklahoma Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Many people are afraid to go to the doctor or into a hospital because they fear getting bad news. While routine medical appointments can save lives, they can also place a patient at risk of severe medical mistakes—and in some cases, patients are much worse off after receiving treatment from a negligent doctor.

Time Limits on Filing a Medical Negligence Claim in Oklahoma

Even though medical mistakes can cause lifelong problems, injured patients have a relatively short period of time to seek compensation for their injuries. Victims have two years from the date of their injury to file a medical malpractice case in Oklahoma—and if they do not file suit within this time, they are forever barred from getting payment for their injuries. The attorneys at the Compton Law Firm can examine your case to see if there is still time to get proper payment for your medical bills and lost income, and will begin investigating immediately on your behalf. Call the number on this page today to get started!

We help victims and their families recover from many forms of medical malpractice, including:

  • Surgery errors. Medical mistakes often happen when a patient is most vulnerable, such as during surgery and hospital recovery. Surgeons have performed surgery on the wrong patient, wrong body part, performed the wrong procedure, misused medical tools, and even left sponges and other foreign materials inside the patient’s body. Even the patient recovers from the procedure, doctors may be found liable for torn sutures or ruptures that require additional surgery, post-operation infections, unnecessary scarring, and failure to obtain informed consent.
  • Anesthesia mistakes. Many patients are unconscious when an injury occurs, and do not feel the effects until after a procedure is complete. Patients may be given an overdose of anesthesia or too little anesthesia (causing them to wake during surgery), all because the anesthesiologist failed to properly monitor the patient’s vital signs. Still more injuries occur due to improper intubation of a patient during surgery or failure to discover a potential anesthesia allergy or potential for drug interactions in the patient’s medical history.
  • Birth injuries. Doctors should take special care of both mothers and babies during labor and delivery, and failure to do so can cause severe birth injuries or death. Many babies have suffered developmental delays, nerve damage (including cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy), and permanent disabilities that require a child to receive lifelong care. Labor or surgery delays, Caesarean section errors, poor fetal monitoring, use of forceps or vacuum, unsafe medications or dosages during labor, and delivery complications that cause a lack of oxygen to the baby are all cause to seek damages from an obstetrician.
  • Medication errors. Most Americans take at least one prescription medication regularly, and may be given many more while under hospital care. Patients may receive the wrong drug or wrong dosage in a number of ways, including receiving the wrong medication from the pharmacy, being given the wrong form of a prescription medication, or from doctors who fail to identify and warn about drug interactions before prescribing drugs.

How Much Can I Recover in an Oklahoma Medical Malpractice Case?

Under Oklahoma law, patients can recover the full sum of their medical expenses and economic losses as a result of their injury, plus an additional amount for pain and suffering. Victims and their families may receive significant compensation for permanent injury and loss of enjoyment of life, and may recover even more than that if a judge believes the doctor acted with gross negligence or the injury resulted in death. If you are suffering after a medical injury, it is vital that you have an attorney investigate on your behalf as soon as possible.

Uniqe Experience you need to Win

Medical Malpractice attorney JT Sherman started his legal career defending doctors and hospitals in medical malpractice case.  His unique experience as a defense attorney brings you an uncommon level of strategic practice that drive large verddicts and settlements.

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