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As a parent, you do everything you can to keep your child safe. Children are at constant risk of danger, and it is up to the adults in their lives to protect them from harm—but unfortunately, some adults allow their responsibilities to fall by the wayside. When this happens, children can suffer broken bones, head injuries, or even developmental problems that will last for the rest of their lives.

Parents are often overwhelmed after a child is injured. They must take time off work to care for the injured family member, drive their child to never-ending doctor’s appointments, and deal with the limitations placed on the child after injury. These struggling families should know that there is help available and that the right attorney can help get your injured child the best possible care.

The Many Benefits of Filing a Child Injury Case in Oklahoma

There are many different ways filing a child injury claim can help your family. First, it can provide payment for medical bills, emergency room costs, physical and mental rehabilitation, and pain and suffering. Second, it can compensate the child and parents for any permanent damages caused by the accident, such as scars and disabilities. Finally, it can hold the person responsible for the accident legally liable for making changes that prevent similar accidents in the future. Call the Compton Law Firm today to discuss what happened with an attorney and have us begin building your case.

We can help children and families recover after:

  • Daycare injuries. When you leave your child with a caretaker, you expect him or her to provide constant attention and guidance. However, hundreds of children are injured every year in daycare facilities due to inadequate supervision. Children who are not looked after properly may suffer falls, be attacked by dogs, ingest toxic substances, be struck by objects on playgrounds, or wander onto unsafe premises. Infants are even more at risk of injury due to negligence (such as rolling off of changing tables) or even abuse (starvation or bruising by staff members).
  • Traffic accidents. Drivers often do not see children who dart into the road or are riding their bikes down city streets. Children may also be struck in crosswalks, suffer backover accidents, or be injured in parking lot crashes or school bus accidents. If a child is injured in a traffic accident, parents should have the case investigated as soon as possible to see if a driver, city government, or other entity could be at fault.
  • Product injuries. From the moment they are born, children are at risk of injuries due to consumer products. Some of these injuries are caused by household items, but many result from items made specifically for children, including cribs, toys, car seats, mattresses, bottles, and more. We can help you hold the manufacturer of a product accountable for injuries to young ones due to poor design or shoddy manufacturing.
  • Fatal accidents. Schools and babysitters can be held liable for any accident caused by a failure to provide adequate care and supervision. If a child is not watched closely, he or she may wander into a nearby pool, place foreign objects into his or her mouth, or suffer any number of fatal injuries. When a child dies in a drowning or choking accident, we investigate the circumstances of the case to find out if a caretaker, neighbor, or another party may be liable.

Get the Facts on an Oklahoma City Child Injury Case Before It’s Too Late!

While injured children have until their nineteenth birthday to file a lawsuit in Oklahoma, it is usually more beneficial to take action as soon as possible. In the days and weeks after the accident, vital evidence will be destroyed and witnesses will be more likely to move away or be unable to recall the incident clearly. At the Compton Law Firm, we have experience fighting for the rights of injured children, going all the way to court to get your family the justice they deserve. Call our offices today to find out more about your claim.

We Fight for the Rights of Injured Children Across Oklahoma

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