Services We Provide at Our Oklahoma Civil, Criminal, and Family Law Firm

Compton Law is a Civil, Criminal, and Family Law Firm.  We help injury victims and their families recover from serious car accidents, medical mistakes, prescription drug errors, child injuries, and even wrongful death.  We help parents through the divorce and child custody proceedings and diligently fight for your right.  We help people deal with the death of a loved one through the probate and estate administration process.   Find out how to proceed with your on our specific practice area pages.  Read more about your legal issues in our Frequently asked Legal Questions section or download one of our many free books and reports.  

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Compton Law’s nursing home abuse attorneys have experience handling elder abuse lawsuits and have the resources needed to help nursing home residents and families with their cases.

The goal of our nursing home lawyers is not only to recover compensation for nursing home residents who have been abused, but also to deter other nursing homes from engaging in similar conduct.

Insurance DisputesInsurance Disputes

An insurance company has a duty to deal fairly and act in good faith with its insureds and if they fails to do so they can be liable for damages. There are many cases where an insurance company failed to properly handle and/or pay a $25,000.00 uninsured motorist policy and the insured was able to collect hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. (Also see our Rules of Road Report) Your insurance company must comply with certain statutes, judge made laws, common sense rules, and internal policies. However, a mere minor error will not suffice.  Compton Law is well versed and experienced in Insurance Law and has played a role in some of the largest insurnace cases in America.  You've paid your premiums now get the compensation you deserve.  Compton Law mostly handles Oklahoma Insurnace delays, denials, unfair or low offers on a contingency fee basis.  Consultations and claim reviews are free.



Auto AccidentsAuto Accidents

A car accident is a harrowing and overwhelming experience, and it doesn't end on the day of the crash. In the weeks and months that follow, many victims will do battle with insurance adjusters as they are trying to recover from their injuries, often taking low settlements just to move on with their lives. We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your suffering, hospital costs, rehabilitation, lost wages, and bills.

Personal InjuryPersonal Injury

Get help from our award winning top rated injury team.  Serious injuries and death, medical malpractice, brain injuries, broken bones, neck and back injuries.

Estate PlanningEstate Planning

We help good people plan for the future.  Our Estate Planning services include comprehensive plans based on Will Plans or Trust Plans.  All plans include legal consultation and analysis to educate you on the available Estate Planning tools so that you can make the best decision regarding your Estate.  Will or Trust packages include the Will or Trust document, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Healthcare Directive.


Family LawFamily Law

A divorce or child custody dispute can be one of the nastiest life defining experiences one can face - Our family law attorneys provide legal counseling for spouses and parents going through divorce and custody proceedings.  We are very relatable and compassionate; however, we are aggressive and passionate about winning and securing the best possible result for our clients.  We have a family law success record that it second to none.  We have won countless custody disputes by deploying both surgical and calculated strategies as well as just relentless grinding and outworking the opponents.  Schedule a consultation to see what makes our lawyers different.


Dealing with the death of a loved one has many legal challenges.  Compton Law has the legal experience and solutions to your Oklahoma Estates and Probate issue and can help you navigate this process.


Criminal LawCriminal Law

After you have been charged in Oklahoma with a criminal offense you have some serious life-altering decisions to make.  You need a powerful, aggressive, and experienced trial law firm to fight for your rights.  Schedule a free consultation and learn why we are the go to law firm who continuously receives Client's Choice awards.

Truck AccidentsTruck Accidents

An accident with a tractor-trailer can have devastating effects on a victim. Our attorneys go to work investigating the accident and dealing with the insurance adjusters and bill collectors to get you the payments you are owed for lost wages, hospitalization, physical therapy, pain and suffering, permanent disability, and more.

Child InjuriesChild Injuries

Children are not only more likely to be involved in accidents, but also their smaller bodies make them more vulnerable to suffer serious injuries as a result. Accidents at school, in daycare, at a neighbor’s house, or even while crossing the street can have lifelong effects injuries for children and their families, causing significant emotional trauma and financial hardship. Click here to learn how to recover after a child in your family is injured.

Medical MalpracticeMedical Malpractice

No patient should have to suffer lifelong injuries as a result of poor medical treatment. Unfortunately, people are injured every day by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, many of whom could have prevented the accidents from happening. Our attorneys can investigate what happened during your hospital stay, get the facts from your medical records and hospital documents, and get you the compensation you need for medical bills and emotional distress.

Wrongful DeathWrongful Death

When a loved one is suddenly taken away, family members are often left with hundreds of questions and no one to answer them. We help surviving family members by investigating the circumstances of a death caused by vehicle accidents, birth injuries, hospital errors, serious falls, nursing home abuse, medication mistakes, work accidents, and more. Visit our wrongful death page to learn more about your family’s rights to recovery.